Why Big Families Prosper

In today’s societies, families differ than they did decades ago. In the past, families had many children to be able to help with the farming or work at home. Today, families may have one children or two, some choosing not to have any kids. For my family, we have five children and love having a large family unit. Many feel that big families struggle but you can actually prosper if you learn how to use your size to your advantage. Below is a small guide as to how my family is able to prosper despite having five children.

More Hands to Help
When you have a large family, you will find there are more hands to help with chores, homework, cooking, etc. No matter what you need done, there will always be someone to help. From an early age, I taught my children how to be helpful and work well with others. Of course, the kiddos will fight from time to time, but putting them to work has helped them have a good work ethic and learn how to come together to complete a task.

Family Business
Many larger families consider creating a business where the children get in on the action. My children help me from time to time with my business and having a large family can certainly be beneficial in this manner. When you have a larger family, the children can learn the business from an early age, helping you to expand and grow as they age. Owning a restaurant or storefront are popular choices for families who have many children.

Strong Family Bond; Built on Love
To prosper can have a different meaning depending on who you ask. For me, prosperity does not necessarily mean a monetary value. Because I have five children, I prosper with a strong family bond built on love. My children see the love between my husband and I and show love to us equally. We bicker and get frustrated easily but at the end of the day, our family is blessed with a strong bond that cannot be broken. We love spending time together and cherish the special family unit we have created.

Every family is different. Whether you have one child or ten, your family is your own. Take time to build a unique bond between each child within each other as well as with the parents to truly have a loving family.