Tips For Making Everyone Get Along

When you become a mom, you learn quickly that having children is not all fairytales and roses. Having kids can be trying and frustrating, but something that you would not change for anything in the world. One issue that moms across the globe can relate to is when the kiddos do not get along. No matter how close or far apart in age your children are, they are going to fuss and fight at some point. Having five children, I completely understand how kids can fight and how it can drive you crazy. Below are a few of my best tips to get your kids to get along.

Diffuse the Situation Quickly
Whenever you hear your kids starting to fuss, diffuse the situation quickly. This way, the fussing will not escalate into actual physical fighting or yelling. When I know my children are playing together, I keep an ear out. When I hear even the slightest beginning of an argument, I diffuse it quickly. I either take care of the issue myself, talking about what the problem is or I separate the kiddos. Either way, I move to fix the situation quickly so I do not have a full scale argument on my hands.

Couch Separation Trick
A trick I learned from my mom works wonders when the kids decide they do not want to get along. Once your kids start fighting and cannot seem to get along, you can work a little magic and all will be well again. Simply sit the kids down on a couch and have them sit on each end. They are not allowed to talk to each other or move. Pay close attention to how they act. My mom used to use this trick on me and my sister all the time and I use it on my own kids.


Basically, since you are not allowed to talk or move, I would simply start talking to my sister again. With my kids, they simply start whispering to each other and having fun, so they can get back to playing without really being punished.

Ensure Kids Play Together
To ensure that your kids can get along for the long haul, it is important to begin having them play together at an early age. Introduce crafts and special play times together where they have to share toys and get along. By starting this early, you can promote good behavior, sharing and caring for their sibling which can help to cut back on bad behavior.