The Yearly Recovery after the Holidays

Once the holidays are over, this mom of 5 needs a break! It can be exhausting having 5 children, running here and there, during the holiday season. When you have kids, the holidays are fun but also exhausting. You can have holiday programs, events, parties and more. Once the holidays are over, you must figure out a way to recover. My family has a few tips to help you get the rest you need and be comfortable in your home after the holidays are over. Check them out below!

Take a few weekends off
During the holiday season, you will be visiting family and friends seemingly almost every weekend. Once the holidays are over, take a few weekends and do absolutely nothing. Order pizza, watch movies and just lounge around in your pajamas. You will be able to relax, worrying about nothing, and get yourself back on track to feeling rested.

Organizing the home
Before you take a break, you may feel overwhelmed with all the clutter in your home from the holidays. Have everyone pitch in to clean up the home, putting away decorations, toys, etc. Start with the main living areas so you feel more at ease while resting after work. It may take a few days, but once you are done, you will live in a clean home once again. After the Christmas holiday, your home can feel like a war zone, especially the children’s rooms. Take time to organize presents as the kids open them up to play so that there is less to clean up after the holidays are over.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
It can be extremely easy to feel overwhelmed and begin to stress about everything. You may feel the fridge is dirty due to too much leftover holiday food. Or you may feel like your home is a mess from new gifts or having guests over. Perhaps you have a ton of laundry to do after extended family has left for home. Don’t sweat it! You can do it all, just start somewhere. Have the entire family help you so that you do not feel so overwhelmed with the cleaning and organizing that needs to be done.

Get Back on Schedule
With the holidays at an end, it is time to get back on schedule. School will begin again and you will be back to your regular work schedule. Once you get back on a normal schedule, you will begin to feel more like normal. Try going to bed a bit earlier than normal to get plenty of rest. You will awaken feeling refreshed and be ready to start the day. After a few weeks of your regular schedule, you will feel back to your old self.

This is what works for our family, but every family is different. Find what works for you so that you can enjoy family time instead of stressing about the home. Creating a tradition when getting the home back in order can make it easier to adjust after the holidays.