The Upside to Having 5 Kids

Many people may look at having five children as a curse, but I see it as a blessing. I love my children and would not take away any of them. It can be difficult when it comes to holidays or simply finding time for yourself, but we make do, learning how to be happy and love each other. There is an upside to having so many children, extra hands around the house to help out and someone to spend time with. Below are a few of my favorite things about having so many children.

You Are Never Lonely
When you have five kids, you are never lonely. I always have someone to talk to, go to the store with, etc. The same can be said for the children as well. When one doesn’t want to play another will. The kids always have a built in playmate to go outside or play board games. There is always someone in the house to have fun with so you never get the chance to be bored.

Cleaning Help
While having so many kids can make the house dirtier, it also gives you extra sets of hands to keep the home clean. I put all five of my children to work, as soon as they started to walk, so they would learn how to help clean the home. From washing dishes to doing the laundry, my kids know how to do several things so they can help out. This is particularly beneficial when I have to work long hours or I am sick. My house doesn’t have to shut down as the kids know how to pitch in and keep everything nice and tidy.

Older Children to Help the Young Ones
When you have so many children, the younger ones can benefit from the older children. Not only can the younger ones learn things quicker but the older children can help out. From tying shoes to helping with homework, teach your older children how to have patience so that they can assist any of the younger children when they need help. This can teach patience as well as how to care for someone else.

Someone to Care For You
As I get older, I will need someone to care for me. I like to think that since I have so many children, they will be willing to assist me when I need care as I age. Normally a family with one or two children would have no one to share the burden of caring for an elderly parent. With my children, they can lean on each other as they watch over me or provide care that I need when I reach an older age.

Unlimited Love and Affection
My children provide me with endless love and affection which I cherish. When you have one child, you get hugs and kisses, but there is just something magical when your children reach group status, all attacking you at once to show just how much they really care!