Secret Natural Home Remedies For Your Family

Whether it’s allergies, the common cold, or even a case of head-lice, natural and home-made remedies are almost always preferable to store bought treatments. Over the counter solutions are commonly laced with harmful and unnecessary chemicals that are especially dangerous for children. However, many people decide against their best interests for the sake of saving time. This article is about showing you how home-made alternatives to almost any store bought remedy are as simple and inexpensive as can be:

1.   Peppermint Nettle Tea – When we imagine nettles we usually think of prickly, stinging, and all around negative characteristics. However, when it comes to arthritis, allergies, and any sickness or ailment, nettles have an incredible medicinal capacity In addition, peppermint has a potent antioxidant called luteolin rutinoside that helps to inhibit the secretion of enzymes, including histamines. This means that peppermint nettle tea can function as holistic and natural anti-histamine for just about any condition that is associated with inflammation. To prepare this home remedy you will need a couple teaspoons of dried peppermint, a half cup of fresh peppermint, a half teaspoon of dried nettle, 8 ounces of fresh water. Next simply boil, strain and add honey.

2.   Pollen – If you suffer from hay-fever, try bee pollen instead of the standard over the counter allergy meds. The idea is to slowly build up a tolerance to the pollen in your area by eating raw honey. To do this, steadily increase the amount consumed each day. The concept is the same as that behind the “hygiene hypothesis” in which is confirmed that children who are exposed to bacteria from a young age have a much stronger immune system.

3.  Citrus Tea – Allergies and other ailments can sometimes hit us during the hottest time of year, summer. Thus, we don’t always want to reach for a warm cup of tea to feel better, and instead crave something cool and refreshing. Try a homemade citrus fruit tea instead. Add lemon, oranges and raw organic honey to water. After adding some ice you are ready to enjoy a refreshing summer alternative to the usual immune boosting drink.

4.   Red Onion drink – Compounds contained in onions have been shown to suppress histamines in some preliminary studies. This means that onions can aid in anti-inflammatory measures for aches, pains, and even allergies. One particular compound found in onions, Quercetin, is in many ways nature’s version of an anti-histamine. In addition to its anti-inflammatory nature, Quercetin has also been shown to expand your airways, making it easier to breathe when the they have become inflamed.

5. For Head-lice – Head-lice are very common to children of all ages. They like to hang out on both the scalp and hair shafts of a child where then multiply. While there a countless over the counter treatments for head-lice, they tend to be over-priced and of course, full of chemicals. One home-made and all natural alternative is coconut oil. The lubricating nature of the oil stops any lice from moving freely while also preventing them from reproducing. To use this method, first rinse your thoroughly with a vinegar and let dry. Completely saturate the scalp and hair with the oil for up to 8 hours. Comb your hair in the morning and then shampoo. Repeat the process daily for a week until you are lice free.