Affording Seasonal Clothes for 5 Kids

As a mom, we want our children to look cute each and every day. We take time to shop for clothing and work hard to be able to afford the best and most comfortable items for our children’s wardrobe. However, it can be hard to keep up financially when it comes to kid’s clothes. Because children grow so fast, it seems they wear an outfit one time and then it’s time for more clothes! As a mom with five children, I understand completely how expensive it can be to provide clothing that looks great for your children. Below are a few tips to help you be able to afford clothing as each season rolls around.

Shopping Out of Season
One of the best ways I have found to save money on seasonal clothing is to shop out of season. I visit my favorite shops online as well as instore to see what items may be on clearance. For example, I love to shop at Kohls.


However, my local retailer is quite small. I shop in store but also look online for clearance deals. During the summer months, you can find great deals on winter items and vice versa. When your children are smaller, it can be easier to purchase items out of season. As your child gets older, you may have more difficulty with this.

While your children are infants and toddlers, you should find it very easy to shop out of season. Spend 50 to 75 percent less on your children’s wardrobe by shopping during the summer for winter clothing and the winter for summer.
Also remember to consider items in a different way. Tank tops can be worn under sweaters for the winter and used in the summer. Think outside the box to be able to purchase clothing items and use them in either season.

Thrift Store Shopping
I also like to take my children to thrift stores to purchase clothing items. Because items can cost as low as $1, I can easily purchase the items my kids need. I have found thrift stores are a great way to save on such items as blue jeans or dresses. This allows my kids to have clothing perfect for the season. I have also been able to find great coats, mittens and gloves to be used during the winter months for when the weather is truly extreme.

Find ways in your town to save money on seasonal shopping. This could be clothing swaps with other families or shopping your local department stores clearance. Racks.